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.this is the alternative video sample page for you to see the links for each sample video without downloading immediately. click here if you want to go to the main sample video page that loads 55 sample theora video files with a total of 83MB_

. you can use the sample videos here to make your complaints remixes for complaints choir of basic design_

. download the ogg theora sample videos you want to remix by right clicking the name of the video and concatenate them using oggcat.

. oggcat is a free software command line tool to concatenate ogg theora videos. it comes with ogg video tools. you can download it for your platform

. you can find the manual for using oggcat at FlossManuals’ TheoraCookbook_

. using a command line tool is not that tricky. just open your command line editor (for windows, press start/run and write “cmd”, for mac and drag and drop the oggcat file in it. press space bar to leave a blank and write a name for your output file that ends with “.ogg” or “.ogv” (without quotation marks) and press space bar again. drag & drop a ogg theora sample video into the command line tool and press space bar again. drag & drop the second ogg theora sample video you want to concatenate to the first video and press space bar again. do this for all the ogg theora sample files you want to concatenate. when you are done, press “enter”. it doesn’t take long to concatenate since the videos are not re-encoded, but just added end to end. you can use search/find option of your operating system to find where the output file is if you cannot figure it out. the concatenated ogg theora files are valid ogg theora video but video audio sync may get lost after some point if you concatenate so many files.

credits on black video

credits on instrumental part (intro)

instrumental part (intro)


And I won’t even have enough money to buy a boat

But why are all the hot guys gay

Hey cafeteria guys! please close up later

I am starving and my mum is not home v1

I am starving and my mum is not home v2

I am starving and my mum is not home v3

I feel sick when I sit backwards on the bus

I want to be allowed to walk across the Bosphorus Bridge

I won’t have retired until the age of 65

If only Asian and European sides were closer

If only rain were colorful in Istanbul

Istanbul is nice but too expensive

It’s a men’s world

Lots of concerts but not enough money

My orchid hasn’t blossomed in a year

My size for the dress I like is out of stock

The darkroom closes up too early

The most important classes are always the ones I miss

The professors should let us know whenever they cancel a class

There are still tons of books to read

There’s always a line at the cashier’s desk

They should serve light meals for the dancers at school

We’ve had enough of Duchamp s Fountain

Whenever I blow dry my hair straight, it rains.ogg

Why are we so unsatisfied v1

Why are we so unsatisfied v2

Why are we so unsatisfied v3

Why arent there any beautiful girls at school

Why arent there any Italian restaurants at school.ogg

Why do contemporary dancers have fuzzy hair

Why does Istanbul subway has only four stops

Why does the jerk in the bus fondles my buttocks

Why doesn’t my brother grow any taller

Why don’t the classes start in the afternoon

Why haven’t they invented molecular transportation yet

Why is the refectory so expensive

Why isnt the bus pass accepted in dolmushs

Why the hell is my house at the other end of the world

Why wasn’t Tanju Okan’s song My Woman written for me

Wish all the cafeterias in the school accepted credit cards

Wish dolphins passed through the Bosphorus more often

Wish Sarap, the old dog at school, could run around again

Wishes we make never come true v1.ogg

Wishes we make never come true v2

Wishes we make never come true v3.ogg

Won’t I ever go to space v1.ogg

Won’t I ever go to space v2.ogg

Won’t I ever go to space v3.ogg

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to do basic design